futura 2000

I just finished watching this doco and knew that it had to be posted up straight away! We have been a fan of Futura 2000 and his work here at KK for some time now and this doco gives an awesome insight into the man himself. In an instant the doco took me back to the days where trip hop was this new musical force, whenhis artworks where propping up names like UNKLE, DJ Krush, Howie B and DJ Shadow through his collaborations with James Lavelles Mo' Wax label.In a sense it iis sad to think that due to the nature of the digital revolution we don't get as many of these types of collabs anymore, where music is given to us as this entire visual and audible experience. i guess that is why here at Klub kids we like to spend a bit of time combining a certain aesthetic with all our packages, a sort of nod to the past and a nod to our creative ambitions as a label. The doco shares a great insight into the devlopment and experiences of an artist who has been living out his creative ambitions as an artist for over 30 years and whom still really pushes the bounds with a variety of work. Enjoy! HT!!


horsepower productions

With so much emphasis on bass music in the music scene right now, I took the time out to track down one of my fave tunes of 2001. Gotta say, god damn it still sounds fresh as hell! The foundations that these guys layed down for a whole generation to follow is epic. I have been vibing the likes of Falty DL, Joy Orbison, Synkro, Jamie XX, Pariah, James Blake, Doc Daneeka and Mosca (to name a few) for a little while now and you can def see the influence these tracks have had on their production. There is also def something cool about having the clip played off vinyl, keeping it real - ha ha! Ahh makes me wish I had my record collection with me in London.. 

'drop that down' - phetsta

Every now and then you get a tune that you just know everyone is going to be playing. 

And just when you thought trap was becoming a cliche… Well, Phetsta steps in. The world will never be the same again (especially now that we let Phetsta do his own artwork). Here's what Phetsta had to say about his EP, what songs he's been dropping in the club and some artists to look out for!

KKids x 


You can check his latest Beatport Chart here.


*Why did you choose to make a trap ep?

I never actually intended to make a trap release as such, it kind of just fell together. To be honest I was getting sick of producing mid bass driven dub step with clinical punchy drums and had been listening to a lot more 808 based stuff. I'd also been messing around with some old rave samples. Drop That kind of fell together out of that. When Kid Kenobi approached me about releasing some trap material on Klub Kids I jumped at the opportunity and put Down together. It's been cool working with sounds that are a different dynamic to what I usually work with, keeps it fresh! It definitely wasn't a sound that grabbed me to begin with but tracks like Baauer & Just Blaze - Higher and Skrillex remix of Birdy Nam Nam really convinced me otherwise.


*Could you say a little something about the artwork? 

If you look at it every day your muscles will grow.


*What are your top tracks to 'DROP' in the club?

-ShockOne - Big Bounce.

Obviously Shocks album is riding pretty high on the charts right now, it's the number one Australian album in the ARIAs at the time of writing. This is a track I've had of his for a while now. It destroys everywhere, be it club or festival. An amazing 110bpm blend of laser synths and neo classical licks.


-Filth Collins - Catch Me If You Can.

Filth is one of the most underrated producers in the country, and a fine young gentleman and possibly also a scholar as well. This one has been my set opener at times, it's straight to the point. A great cross over of dubstep styles and 808 trap biz.


-ShockOne & Metrik feat. Kyza - Lazerbeam (Skism Remix)

I love everything Skism does. He looks like Vin Diesel without muscles. This track is straight up stomping 110 bpm action. If you don't like it you're an idiot.


-Zanetic - Blow Up in 93

This track is phfatness (with an F and a PH at the same time). 105bpm track that always blows up the place. Immaculate production work on this one.


-Metrik - Freefall

This has been out for a bit but it's still one of my favourite D&B tracks at the moment. My homeboy Metrik teams up with my homegirl Reija Lee and the combination of talent shows. Perfect uplifting vocal D&B. 


*Who are some dj/producers we should be looking out for?

The main one I can think of is a Perth lad Zanetic. He recently released an EP on Screwloose Recs. Seriously the production on it is absolutely next level, as in I'm completely jealous of this guys skills next level.

Really feeling what Misfits of Zion are pushing at the moment as well.


*What's next for Phetsta?

I'm always keen to mix things up a bit. I've found myself gravitating back to my first love which is of course D&B! Aside from that I've done some remix work for One Love at 128bpm and a few more 140-150 bass bits. Later in the year I should have a collar release with Doctor Werewolf as well.


Tracks Tracks

Kid Kenobi
Move That Body (Downtown mix)

Kid Kenobi
Move That Body (Destroy Disco mix)

Kid Kenobi
Move That Body (fRew mix)

Kid Kenobi
Move That Body (Rico Tubbs mix)

Kid Kenobi
Move That Body

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